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On this year's trip, we decided to visit the Xin Tian Di area.  Xin Tian Di, which means “New Heaven and Earth” in Mandarin, holds the grey brick building where China’s Communist Party (the “CPC”) held its first congress.  The area consists of low-rise “Shikumen” or typical Shanghai stone-arched gate houses in narrow alleys. The heritage buildings have been conserved and the neighborhood is now an affluent area with trendy restaurants, bars and boutiques.

The museum showcases the history of the CPC led by Mao Zedong through its hundreds of revolutionary relics, documents and photos. A hall reproduces the scene of the historic first political meeting where in July 1921, thirteen members held their first national congress of the CPC to mark the birth of the party.  Click on the first image to begin.

Birthplace of China's Communist Party
CPC Building
Pedway in Front of the CPC Building
Bronze outside of the CPC Building
CPC Meeting Room