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Fri, 19 July:  We arrived at Helsinki airport at 4:05PM.  Due to a slight misunderstanding as to where to collect our luggage, we didn’t clear the airport until 5:00P.  We walked over to The Hilton and then reached Jukka to see if he could join us for a brief while in the Club Lounge.  He arrived at about 6:00P and we enjoyed catching up.  We also came up with a plan to meet the following day.

Sat, 20 July:  We were up early and left one bag at The Hilton and then took another over to Finnair for check-in for our flight later in the afternoon to Dublin.  We returned to the hotel to enjoy a leisurely breakfast including Ed’s favorite there - smoked salmon.  At 10:15A we met Jukka and he drove us to visit the home of composer Jean Sibelius named “Ainola” after his wife, Aino Sibelius.  Jukka had arranged in advance for a guided tour and it was definitely the way to go.  Our young hostess shared lots of information about the lovely residence and the other buildings on the ground.  After our tour ended at 12:00P, Jukka drove us to the airport where we said our goodbyes for 2019.  Then, we relaxed in the Finnair First Wings Lounge until our flight to Dublin departed.  On an aside, Jukka gave us a five CD set containing Sibelius’ Symphonies 1 – 7 performed by the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra.  Each time we listen to these amazing symphonies, we are reminded of our time at Ainola with Jukka.    YOU CAN FIND DETAILS REGARDING OUR TIME IN IRELAND UNDER THE "ROUND THE WORLD 2019 - EUROPE" ALBUM.

Wed, 24 July:  Today we were once again headed to Helsinki - just for the night.  We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at the Crowne Plaza in Dublin and then arranged to stay in the Club Lounge till 3:00P at which time we took a shuttle back to Terminal 1.  We quickly checked in with Finnair for our evening flight back to Helsinki.  We enjoyed it thoroughly and arrived in Finland at 11:00P.  We walked to The Hilton and were in our room at 12:00A.  We had Club access but unfortunately it closed at 11:30P.  However, when Lindy went to retrieve a bag, the bartender graciously gave her some tonic so we enjoyed a gin & tonic in the room before falling asleep.

Thu, 25 July:  We decided to skip breakfast and didn’t get up till 10:00A.  We checked out at 12:00P and went to the Finnair check-in.  We were the only individuals in the Priority queue so check-in was a snap.  Lindy did walk back to an exterior building that houses Finnair’s “Lost & Found” but, unfortunately, did not find her sunglasses.  So, she’s wearing a pair we had planned to give away in South Africa.

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Ainola, Sibelius Home named for his wife, Aino
Gardens behind House
Jukka & Ed
Drawing Room - Grand Piano
Drawing Room - Sitting Area