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We have been returning to Bangkok again and again since our first visit in 2002.  We have visited most of the major tourist attractions multiple times (The Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Wat Arun, etc.).  They are always amazing!  Bangkok has a hot and humid environment.  So, we typically spend a couple of days enjoying shopping in air-conditioned malls or shopping at vendor stalls nearby the hotel.  When we do venture far away, we use the Sky Train because The Holiday Inn Silom has a complimentary tuk tuk to take us there.  We do have a long walk back to the hotel but we know we can get an ice cold beverage at the Club Lounge.  On this year's trip, the key tourist site we visited was Suan Pakkad Palace.  Click on the first image below to follow out trip.

Bangkok.Holiday Inn Tuk Tuk
House Four
Another View of House Four
Model of a Teak Home
Royal Barge