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At the end of our 2017 "Round the World" trip we opted to spend a week in Sydney.  Since we stayed in the heart of the city in 2016, we decided to take an apartment in Bondi Junction.  In fact, the Meriton Suites apartment building is directly above the Bondi Junction Station.  When we arrived at the Sydney airport, we took a train to the Central Station, made a quick line change, and then arrived at Bondi Junction Station.  We had to only walk around the corner to find the entrance to our apartment building.  We spent most of our time reviewing and culling photographs from our previous stops and just relaxing while enjoying our apartment.  We also spent a lot of time in the nearby Westfield Mall (yes, there was a grocery store there) as well as the pedway behind Bondi Junction Station.  One morning we took a bus to the suburb of Double Bay to see where a friend sells some of her Native American jewelry.  Then on Sunday we took mass transit all the way from Bondi Junction Station to the Circular Quay and then to Watsons Bay using a combination of train, bus and ferry transport.  The Sunday trip gave us an idea of what a large area Sydney and its suburbs occupy and how great it is that some form of mass transit is available in most places.  Click on the first image below to begin.

Sydney Harbour Bridge
Residential Area
Sydney Opera House
Central Business District
Circular Quay to Watsons Bay