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We spent five days in the lovely city of Singapore.  Unfortunately, during our stay the air quality was very poor due to slash burning in Indonesia.  The Singapore National Environment Agency issued a health advisory warning individuals to stay indoors.  The Air Pollution Index (API) in Singapore was above 100 each day; yikes!!  Even Beijing with its notorious pollution was registering only 50API.  So, our time was spent either in the hotel or in the malls along Orchard Road which we could reach using underground tunnels.  It was the perfect way to relax and unwind after our hectic and extremely busy time in South Africa.  We are already hoping to return to Singapore in 2020 with plans to visit Jewel Mall and the Botanical Gardens, places we had hoped to go to on this visit.  Also we plan to arrive a bit more rested since we’ll leave Africa and go to Europe first before coming to Singapore.  Below is our only photograph - a shot of us in the Executive Lounge at the Holiday Inn Orchard City Center.

It's cocktail time!