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On Sunday, 8 October we flew from Sanctuary Kusini in the southern Serengeti to the Kuro Air Strip.  When we arrived, Sigi, our guide from 2017 whom we requested as our guide on this visit, was waiting for us.  It was a wonderful reunion!  Sigi had a table prepared with coffee, tea and snacks but we told him we needed nothing.  Sigi checked us into the Tarangire National Park and then we were off to Sanctuary Swala. 

Upon arrival, we were warmly greeted by Bianca, one of the Managers at Sanctuary Swala.  She shared the main area renovations with us – all brilliant – before showing us to our abode, again tent no. 1 - the same as last year.  (You can see the photos of the newly renovated Swala under the subalbum, "The Camp".)  Later that evening, we met her partner, Benry, co-Manager of Sanctuary Swala.  (On an aside, Benry & Bianca were married in 2019.)

Late that afternoon, Sigi picked us up for sundowners and snacks on a hill beyond the Camp. 

During the rest of our stay (four additional days/nights  (9 October – 11 October)), we chose to have breakfast at Swala and then leave Camp for the balance of the day.  We took a picnic lunch to enjoy mid-afternoon before returning to Camp.  This allowed us to maximize our game viewing.  Also, we got back in time each day to download photographs, take a shower and enjoy a nice gin & tonic before dinner.  This worked out perfectly!

Check out the photographs for 8 October and then continue onto one of our subalbums to see the wildlife we enjoyed.  Our gaming was amazing - Lion sightings daily, multiple encounters with Cheetah, multiple encounters with Leopards not to mention seeing so many other amazing creatures.  Also check out Sanctuary Swala subalbum - "The Camp" - to see why we find this place to be so magical.