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On Sunday, 24 March, we left The InterContinental at Johannesburg Airport to pick up our rental car at 8:00AM. Thankfully, an Avis representative drove the car to us and showed us how to turn it on/off using a device that looks like a credit card. Otherwise, we would have been sitting for a long time trying to figure it out.

This was the first time we had driven out of Johannesburg but it was a Sunday so there weren’t too many challenges. Signage was good and traffic was flowing smoothly. We did have a bit of a problem in that our toll tag didn’t work so we had to dig out money at the toll stations. Lots of other cars did so too and it didn’t present any problem other than a longer slowdown at the tool booth.

We were due to arrive at the Welgevonden Game Reserve, home to Mhondoro Lodge, between 12:30P-1:00P to transfer to the Lodge (no private cars are allowed in the Reserve). So, it was an easy, relaxing drive and we arrived a bit early. That worked out great as we were able to park our rental car in a nice shady spot for our five-night stay.

At 12:30P, our guide, Anna, dropped off departing guests and we quickly walked over and introduced ourselves. We enjoyed a quick refreshing cold beverage before beginning the lovely journey to Mhondoro Lodge. Once we arrived, we were met by lodge staff, including Eric & Caroline, and we were warmly welcomed to the Lodge. We were shown to our lovely abode with great views of the waterhole. We settled in before enjoying our first afternoon game ride. When we returned to the main lodge building for afternoon tea, we met Fritz & Ronel, the lodge managers, as well as their assistant, Karinda. Then it was time to start gaming!

Game rides in the Welgevonden Game Reserve provide amazing natural diversity – from hilly, steep roads to vast plains. Having five nights at Mhondoro was a real plus because we explored as much of this Reserve as possible. For the most part, the weather was lovely and the gaming was excellent. We were shocked at the amazing number of White Rhino found on the Reserve; fantastic! In addition to these wonderful creatures, we had several encounters with Black-backed Jackals, Eland, Kudu, Red Hartebeest and lots of other creatures.  We ultimately we saw and photographed "The Big Five" (Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino and Buffalo). On one night drive, we were even able to photograph a Civit!  We also had a great experience when we drove to a site where we could walk to see bushmen rock art and afterwards we enjoyed a delicious bush breakfast. Click on a sub-album below to view our wildlife photographs or photographs at Mhondoro Lodge.