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We always enjoy the lovely city of Hong Kong and we did this year as well.  However, we were in Hong Kong at a tumultuous time as protests occurred over the weekend of October 17, 18 and 19.  We had no problem at all getting into town using the Airport Express which is part of the Hong Kong mass transit system.  It took us to Kowloon Station.  From there a shuttle bus took us directly to our hotel on Nathan Road. 

The protests on Friday and Saturday were not in Kowloon.  However, on Sunday the main protest march was on Nathan Road; and, yes, our hotel of choice in Hong Kong is located on Nathan Road!  What we observed when the march began at 1:00P, was small groups of individuals, families with children and elderly individuals all walking in solidarity.  A few of the protesters carried US and UK flags.  The banned face masks were being worn by most individuals but there was no one wearing hard hats in the march.  Many did have umbrellas to help protect their identify.  The staff at the hotel advised that we stay inside which we did.  The hotel has two entries and before dark, but were shuttered with metal doors.  No, these weren't installed as a deterrent to the protesters but exist because of the typhoons which can hammer Hong Kong.  We enjoyed drinks and dinner in the hotel and heard no noises from outside.  We did watch guests continue to arrive in the main lobby as the side road (Mody Road) was not used by the protesters.   So this year's photographs consist of some from the protests as well as our visit to the Museum of Hong Kong.  Click on an image below to begin.

Museum of Hong Kong - Hand Pottery
Museum of Hong Kong - Ancient Dwellers
Museum of Hong Kong - Bronze Textile Stamps
Museum of Hong Kong - Western Han Dynasty Pottery
Museum of Hong Kong - Boat Dwellers