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We embarked on the RV Mekong Pandaw at My Tho, Vietname on 5 November (we arrived there via bus from Ho Chi Minh City).  Our voyage began immediately after our safety briefing.  Beginning the following day, we typically had a morning and an afternoon excursion - some at small villages and others at major cities (like Phnom Penh).  We didn't sail in the evenings and typically moored near a village or town  In addition to taking excursions, we also had a tour of the ship and enjoyed a Khmer traditional shadow puppet show.  Each evening there was a movie presentation and often there was a lecture about various aspects of life on the Mekong River.  It was a great way to learn about culture in Vietnam and Cambodia  We also diverted from our original course so that we could seek out the illusive Irrawaddy Dolphin using small boats.  And, guess what, success in both sighting and photographing these amazing creature.  On our final night, we enjoyed a farewell party and dancing on the pier.  Click on the first folder to follow our adventure.