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We flew into Windhoek, Namibia arriving in the early afternoon.  We then drove to the coast to the town of Swakopmund.  We arrived in the dark with Ed driving on a narrow road with no shoulders - not fun especially when driving on the opposite side of the road.  We found our hotel but had a slight problem as we couldn't figure out how to get our Duster (4WD rental car) into reverse.  Thankfully, a young couple was just arriving too and they were able to assist us (you had to lift the manual shift handle up in order to move it into reverse; something new for us).  We stayed two nights at the Atlantic Villa Guesthouse directly across from the Atlantic ocean.  On April 29, we began the six hour drive to Damaraland, a region in the north once inhabited only by the Damaras peoples.  We then spent two nights exploring this area while staying at the  Damaraland Camp.  Click on a subalbum below to begin.