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We spent most of the summer working on a variety of projects:  re-carpeting outdoor decks; re-working our gravel pathway; undertaking stucco repairs off the kitchen deck; re-painting deck furniture, etc., etc.  So, when we saw a promotion on Alaska Airlines, we decided to grab some First Class seats and go to San Diego for three nights including Ed's birthday (August 24th).  We had a great time and enjoyed a wonderful break!  Our hotel was directly across from a marina so we spent our days walking there watching the fishing boats go in and out as well as watching sailboat regattas.  To top it all off, we enjoyed some great seafood at Mitch's.  Obviously, we had to eat fish tacos (supposedly invented in San Diego).  We typically ordered the locally caught "fish of the day" but we also tried octopus fish tacos; delicious!  Also, Mitch's makes a great calamari with virtually no oil obsorbed by the squid and no oil on the plate.  Job well done!  If you're interested in seeing a few photographs, click on the first image below to begin.

BW Yacht Harbor
Lindy under Flowering Tree
Ed at Fountain
Lindy outside Mitch's