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We spent seven lovely days/nights on the island of Kauai – the oldest and northernmost of the Hawaiian Islands. This was our first trip to Kauai and it was a great break from the snow and cold weather at home. Kauai is referred to as “The Garden Island” and we can attest that it is truly lush, green and beautiful.

Our home for this trip was The Garden Island Inn located in Lihue. It was the perfect location just off the two-lane road that circles most of the island. On an aside, you cannot drive around the entire island; the northwest shore is too steep to accommodate any roads. When we arrived on Kauai late afternoon on January 9, we were warmly welcomed at The Garden Island Inn. We settled into our third floor suite – complete with a mini-frig, microwave, cutlery, coffee maker with lots of great coffee, a table for two and a balcony with two chairs and a table. We then drove along Route 50 for a few miles into a new part of Lihue were we did some shopping and were pleased to find both a Safeway and Costco.

We spent our days exploring every corner of Kauai that was accessible – including a few residential areas – some on purpose and some by accident. Our photographs are organized by the region of the island we explored. You can experience the beauty of Kauai via our photographs and, if you’re interested, you can read our detailed diary too!