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VIVA LAS VEGAS!!    We went to Las Vegas for four nights to celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary (May 13)!  It was the perfect time to visit as the weather wasn't too hot; in fact, it was perfect!  We're not keen on gambling but it's always fun to visit Las Vegas with its many attractions.  Of course, we spent time on The Strip.  Parking was pretty outrageous (unlike the days of old when it was free) so we used the Monorail to travel from hotel to hotel.  Also gone are the days of inexpensive buffets as today's Las Vegas features mostly upscale, gourmet cuisine.  Hey, all things change over time and we adapted just fine.  We had a car so we were able to return to one of our favorite spots - Red Rocks National Conservation Area.  It's desert beauty at its finest and an easy drive from The Strip!  Click on the first image below to view the photographs from this quick trip.

McCarran Airport
Las Vegas Monorail
Welcome to Las Vegas!
Treasure Island