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Mon, 15 July:  We decided to begin this year's "Round the World Trip" by first spending some time with Rich & Brenda in Los Angeles.  We had a late flight but Rich & Brenda graciously offered to pick us up after we landed at 9:35P.  We cleared the airport near 10P after we collected our luggage.  After we quickly settled into their “B&B” (which is wonderful by the way), we enjoyed cocktails and snacks while catching up.  We finally got to bed about 1:30A.

Tue, 16 July:  We all slept a bit late and then enjoyed a leisurely breakfast frittata before getting ready for the day.  Rich then drove us to Salazar, a restaurant in Frog Town, where we met Paul & Mark Johnson, individuals we first met on a Pandaw Company river cruise in Southeast Asia in 2016.  It was great to catch-up in person!  After lunch, we made a quick stop at Sprout’s to pick up items for dinner.  Then Brenda and Ed each made a dish (Brenda – baked salmon; Ed – a cold bean salad with shrimp).  It was a delicious dinner enjoyed outdoors.

Wed, 17 July:  We decided to enjoy a leisurely day at home.  Ed needed to look at some items for Rich & Brenda and then he and Rich did some "garage diving" (i.e., looking at "stuff").  Brenda & Lindy made another quick shopping run.  We had a leisurely dinner featuring spicy baked scallops.

Thu, 18 July:  We all enjoyed a great breakfast of salmon and avocado toast.  Then, we prepared to leave.  Rich & Brenda drove us to the Van Nuys FlyAway to catch the bus to LAX.  We arrived at the airport about 2:00P.  After checking in with Finnair and clearing security, we headed to the Qantas First Class Lounge (we consider it to be the best lounge in LAX) to relax until we boarded our 7:30P flight bound for Finland.

Lunch at Salazar
Champagne + Calamari
 Arctic Blue Gin with Bilberries