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Kruger National Park continues to amaze us since our first visit there in 2013.  This year we spent seven nights in the Park using Pretoriuskop Rest Camp as our base.  We arrived in Johannesburg without our luggage as it was delayed due to Hurricane Irma; ugh!  We had only our hand luggage so we purchased a few items during our stay in Johannesburg since we knew it would be several days before the luggage would arrive and ultimately be delivered to us at Kruger.  After flying into the Skukuza Airport, we picked up our car and headed to Pretoriuskop, the oldest camp in the Park.  It sits in a high, secluded area and near it resides the only herd of Sable antelope found in Kruger.  We were very, very lucky because we found and photographed the small herd - our goal while staying at Pretoriuskop.  As always, we enjoyed great game viewing every day!  Each day we managed to see at least one member of the "Big Five" (Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino and Buffalo) and, in total, we saw them all. So, we shouldn't complain about lost luggage in the overall scheme of safari adventures!  We have organized our viewings into daily sightings.  Click on the September 10 album to begin.