Gallery » EUROPE/AFRICA/ MIDDLE EAST » Round the World 2017 - Kruger National Park » September 11 - Our luggage arrives and the fun continues!

This was our first full day of game viewing this trip in Kruger.  We were out of Camp early as we had to travel to the Numbi Gate to meet a courier who delivered our luggage to us.  What a relief to have everything once again (seven nights without luggage is no fun)!  We dropped our luggage back off at camp and then headed out onto some unpaved roads in the area, primarily the S3 & S7 north of Pretoriuskop and the S8 south of Camp.  We also stopped by a waterhole on the H1-1, Shitllhave, which we didn't have time to stop by on September 10.  We saw a lot of animals, including Big Five members, as well as many different birds.  Click on the first image to begin.

Lilac Breasted Roller
The Setting
Yellow-billed Hornbill