Gallery » EUROPE/AFRICA/ MIDDLE EAST » Round the World 2017 - Kruger National Park » September 12 - Sable Success!

We chose to take the unpaved H2-2 from Pretoriouskop to a rest stop (Afsaal) on the H3.  It was a winding, hilly drive unlike other parts of Kruger.  It paid off brilliantly when we ultimately came across a group of Sable and were able to get some photographs!  After taking a break at Afsaal, we decided to head to Skukuza via an unpaved route (the S3/S23/S114).  It was pretty quiet as we were in the heat of the day.  After doing some grocery shopping at Skukuza, we returned home via the H3 and the H1-1.  Shortly after leaving, we crossed a dry wash where Elephants were digging out water.  We again stopped by the Shitllave waterhole where we found some Hippo and Zebra.  Click on the first image to begin.